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Product range 4,500 and over, and exports to 28 different countries.

As a manufacturer and wholesaler in the automotive spare parts sector, it offers high-quality products under the Meha brand to suppliers and end-users by adopting the principle of right price and fast shipping domestically and internationally.

With 24/7 communication and customer service, Meha provides the best pre-sales and post-sales service to all its customers. Meha Automotive is one of the leading companies in the rubber metalliferous product sector.


We aim to increase our competitiveness in metal processing and be continuously innovative in creative and cost-effective ways. We provide the best solutions for our customers' needs.


Rubber is one of the most important raw materials used in the industry with its physical, chemical and technological properties. Very good recognition of the material; static, physical, chemical etc. its properties should be well analyzed according to usage.

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Surface Finishing

Before applying the adhesive to the supplied semi-products and components, operations such as degreasing, sandblasting, phosphate coating, chrome plating are performed to increase the adhesion strength of the rubber to these materials.

To ensure the adhesion of the rubber, two different adhesive layers are applied to the materials which have gone through the surface finishing operations.



Press, adhesive applied materials are taken into molds mounted on rubber injection presses. Then they are combined with raw rubber according to the criteria of temperature, pressure and time. This is called the vulcanization process.

Assembly & Packaging

Supplied or produced semi-finished products and components are combined into the end product with the help of devices in the assembly presses and application of different operations. They are transported to the product warehouse.

Time management and proper transportation, order processing, on-time, and error-free product shipment, and planned management of all those processes are essential for increasing customer satisfaction.



As a manufacturer, to be successful, we need to reach safety standards and sustainable quality.

Our products are tested according to international standards. As a manufacturer, we take many different additional tests with the special testing machine in our laboratory. These tests: the dynamometer test, pressure impact test, catalyst aging, material, and performance, differ according to the product.

MEHA Production
MEHA Production
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MEHA Production
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MEHA Production
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2500 m²
MEHA Production
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MEHA Production
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4000 m²